Forests & Rust, Michigan Buried in binary, knee deep in the E-waste

I love the attitude prevalent among US employers that taking any sort of time off somehow provides a 1-2 month immunization from any situation that would cause you to have to miss any subsequent work.
USA #1 in legitimizing magical thinking.

Just found out I actually dont have to go back to work until Thursday, even though I thought making my return date September 11th would help me never forget,

Wastelander tour diary, final entry: Last show in Detroit cancelled; around 400k people are without power. So we stuck around in Ohio and I found a Freddy Krueger doll at a flea market. I gotta say it was a good day.
Sweet home Michigando here we come. Can’t wait to see szpider and my cats.

DIY or 401k?

Special shout out to a punkmetal “supergroup”, who shall remain nameless, that made us play after them, wouldn’t talk to anyone, and had a bloated door/hotel guarantee that ensured no one but them was paid anything. Way to keep it punk fellas!
Jokes on you though, we’re not here to make money, we’re here to make friends.

Wastelander tour diary, day ?: a day off in Syracuse, NY, which we will spend scavenging the Shopping Town Mall and debating whether or not the He-Man Snake Mountain playset was responsible for black metal.